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When you partner with On Point Business Coaching of Colorado Springs, you will not only get the expertise of Heather Langton, the Profit Queen, but you will also begin your journey to profitability. At On Point Business Coaching, we are passionate about two things: making you more profit in business, and setting you up for future success. It is our mission to help businesses of all sizes and industries to raise their bottom line and maximize their full potential.

Business Coach For Contractors

As a contractor in Colorado Springs, obtaining clients and maintaining profitability means the survival of your business. On Point Business Coaching has years of experience dealing with service area businesses and increasing both profit and leads for contractors, trades, and service area businesses. Heather Langton herself formerly built a $1,000,000 remodeling business from the ground up, in addition to assisting multiple businesses to achieve scalable, profitable growth.

Businesses We Can Coach

Business Coach For Agencies

As an agency in Colorado Springs, maintaining a steady flow of clients and preserving profitability is crucial to the survival of your business. At On Point Business Coaching, we have the needed years of experience to assist your agency in not only obtaining more quality leads but also increasing profitability. Heather Langton the profit queen, formerly built a $1,000,000 remodeling business from the ground up. In addition to this business, she has also personally assisted multiple businesses to achieve over 100% growth in profitability. Beyond the complex issues of clients and profitability On Point Business Coaching can also assist your agency with things like scaling your business, hiring and managing people, setting up systems and processes, and much more. A few of the business types Heather Langton has worked with in the past are listed below.

Businesses We Can Coach

Business Coach For Small Businesses

If you run a small business, you are aware of the monthly and yearly crunch to keep your business afloat. Let On Point Business Coaching help you achieve unprecedented profits. Using Heather Langton’s Profit Path analysis we can determine the specifics of your business, creating a specific and tailored plan for your business, shooting you over, and above your competitors.

Businesses We Can Coach


When Do You Need A Business Coach?

At On Point Business Coaching, we have helped businesses make more profit within a variety of business stages. Whether you are a start-up or a well-established business, a large clientele basis and increased profitability are always helpful. Utilizing Heather Langton’s expertise and profit-centric tactics your business can raise the bottom line. How do you know when it’s time to hire a business coach? See if these statements resonate with you:


Business advice, consultation, and coaching are integral to the mission of On Point Business Coaching. We believe in educating others and sharing years of hard-earned expertise; it is truly what Heather Langton does best. At On Point, your business profitability is our top priority, ensuring that your business grows quickly and improves tomorrow. If you are ready to see your business obtain profitability, call Heather Langton at On Point Business Coaching today.