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Attract and Retain Qualified Employees:

  • Looking for quality, loyal employees that stay longer than 3 months?
  • Want to have more confidence in your interviewing & hiring process?
  • Learn how to weed out deadbeat applicants with 3 simple questions!
  • Learn how to use personality profiles to keep existing employees happy!

What are you looking for in an employee? What is the best way to ATTRACT the perfect employee that meets your specific requirements, both for the job and for the company’s culture? This workshop will help you create clear & thorough job postings as well as addressing how culture plays a factor in attracting the right people.

After you attract applicants, how do you determine who fits best in your culture? Learn how to use personality profiles to see if a prospect is TRULY a good fit. Learn how to weed out deadbeat candidates with 3 simple questions, as well as other proven interviewing techniques. Learn how to create clear & thorough job postings as well as how culture plays a factor in attracting the right people.

Not only will we teach with you multiple ways that you can RETAIN a superstar employee, during this workshop you will hear from other business owners, managers, and strategists just like you, who will also share their own verified techniques with you.

Upcoming Workshop // On Point Business Coaching

During this workshop, you will interact virtually with Heather Langton, owner of On Point Business Coaching and Saul Palma, owner of Ambitious Goal Getters. Heather Langton has owned and run several companies over the years, to include a general contracting business in Colorado Springs for 15 years. She has gone through the ups and downs of hiring and keeping qualified, loyal employees. You can benefit from the insights she has gained over the years.  

Saul Palma has an extensive business management career with two Fortune 50 Corporations, several years in Electrical Engineering and a decade in retail management. He has interviewed hundreds of potential employees and hired and promoted hundreds more. Learn from someone who knows! Why struggle figuring it out alone when someone who has been in your shoes can share key insights to address one of the toughest issues facing many businesses today? Gain more confidence in your hiring process and learn how to retain the qualified & loyal employees you already have!

Heather Langton

Meet Heather Langton

your profit queen & business coach

Heather Langton is a business coach in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado specializing in helping businesses make more profit. She combines an outside perspective with the in-depth knowledge needed to help you reach your business goals.

After running a successful remodeling company in Colorado Springs for 15 years, Heather experienced the tremendous value business coaches hold. Using the strategies given during her time owning this company, the company’s revenue increased by 700% between 2008-2012 and they hit $1,000,000 in revenue during 2013. This is where Heather’s passion for figuring out how to make more profit was born.

Since then she has helped run multiple other companies before deciding that she was ready to found her own coaching business in 2018. Heather is known in the community for her business education, and specializes in setting goals, establishing systems, and maximizing profit.

Meet Saul Palma

strategist & business coach

Saul Palma is a professional business coach. Successfully training hard-working business owners like yourself to become more productive and live a stress-fee life is his passion. He has had an extensive business management career with two Fortune 50 Corporations, several years in Electrical Engineering, and a decade in retail management.

By employing his best business practices – Business Processes Management and Financial Strategies, he has successfully helped manufacturing companies restructure without turnover and achieve, even surpass, their desired goals during the recent pandemic. In the two short year span as a professional business coach, Saul has helped multiple other businesses with a combined savings of three-quarters of a million dollars. Other accomplishments he can claim include an oil drilling company, construction contractors, and automotive shops.

His effective business principles coupled with analytical skills and a positive attitude facilitate his coaching style to achieve success.

Avoid wasting time and making errors. Create a roadmap and gain control. Improve your operation. Invest in yourself and your business to rediscover why you got into business in the first place.

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