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What does success in business look like for you? Is it expanding your team, service areas, or scale of your company? Is it allowing you to take a step back and let your business work for you? Is it consistent profitability? Whatever definition of success you are looking to achieve, On Point Business Coaching can help you get there. As a business coach, I specialize in intentional, action-oriented business strategy that helps you raise your bottom line and make more profit, so that you can achieve your goals and realize the vision you have for your company and for your life. Throughout the world, I help business owners make more profit, and you can be one of them.


As a business coach, I partner with business owners to offer personalized, strategic advice, systems, and processes to improve the way their business operates, all with the end goal of increasing profit. Entrepreneurs, business owners, contractors, managers, all come to me with the intention of increasing efficiency, cutting expenses, solving problem areas, gaining accountability, and achieving their goals. By having a one-on-one, confidential relationship, I pair my decades of business acumen and experience with a deep understanding of you, your business, and your industry to launch your business into its next phase of success.

What Can A Business Coach Help With?

Types of Business Coaching

Based in Colorado Springs, CO, I take the time as your coach to truly understand your unique needs and goals that you want out of life and business, so that I can offer personalized and actionable strategies to improve every facet of your company’s operations. At On Point Business Coaching, I offer monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly consultation sessions in-person in Colorado Springs, or online elsewhere.

One-on-One Business Coaching

During an individual coaching session, we sit down one-on-one to fully explore where your business is at and what it will take to get to that next tier of profitability and success. These business coaching packages are best for business owners who want to capitalize on growing momentum, improve their day-to-day operations, financials, and procedures, prepare for growth and success, or who are looking to make more profit in business.

Small Business Consulting

I will help you set business goals, create and implement systems and processes, time management strategy, leadership strategy, confidence and mindset, and so many more success-altering lessons that can help you achieve everything you want out of being your own boss and running a company. Small business consulting is for entrepreneurs who are looking to advance their business and grow their profitability.


For CEOs, executives, and high level managers who lead employees and teams in their company. Leadership styles, team building strategy, creating a company culture, employee management, turnover, retention, hiring, human resources, and so much more. Transforming your business into a thriving environment, anchored to a great leader. A successful internal environment that translates to your customers.

Why Choose On Point Business Coaching?

Heather Langton, owner of On Point Business has had fantastic results in the business space, growing her remodeling company from humble beginnings to an outrageous success. In 2013 alone, she made just shy of $1,000,000, and has since worked for and partnered with leaders in construction, roofing, contracting, trades, agencies, finance, legal, and more.

Why Hire a Business Coach

You can make more profit for your business with the help of On Point Business Coaching’s Full Profit Path formula that examines the 5 factors of profit. Visit what is profit, the 5 factors of profit to learn more. Additionally she can coach your business to increase profitability.

Making your business work for you requires you to evaluate all of the systems that run your business, and improve them to be more efficient and cost effective. Heather is a nerd for numbers and evaluating companies based on their numbers.

Increasing efficiency of your business will allow you to retrieve more profit and grow your business faster. This is done using Heather’s highly sophisticated Full Profit Path evaluation equation.

Heather’s small business coaching, and leadership coaching can assist you in improving your company’s motivation. A motivated and empowered team can advance your business and increase your profits.

Heather offers the Peak Performance Goals Workshop quarterly,  providing all who attend the workshop an opportunity to identify their goals, build a strategy, and stay accountable. This is an exclusive offer where Heather will have a 15 minute call with each attendee each week to maintain accountability of the goals for the entire quarter following the workshop.

Growing your business is all about the numbers and the profitability of your business. Heather is known as The Profit Queen; she lives and breathes business profitability.

Selling a business can be a stressful and complicated process. Having a business coach with knowledge of business sales is extremely beneficial.


As a business coach, it is my mission to empower owners and executives with the strategies needed to succeed and make more profit. I offer several opportunities to learn from On Point, successful entrepreneurs, mindset coaches, and more during our business workshops and training, and within our business advice blog.

Business Workshops

Business Workshops

Attending a business workshop will allow you to learn how to set measurable business goals, create a strategic roadmap for success with immediate action steps, work with like-minded business owners and high level managers in a think-tank for ultimate success, weekly accountability calls all quarter from your business coach.
Business Workshops



As a business coach, it is our goal and mission to provide all businesses with valuable and useful information. We utilize our advanced experience in profit evaluation and manipulation to advise you. Read them all and apply them to your business today.

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The results she achieved with her own business, growing her company’s revenue over 700% was due to her secret: maximizing profit. This secret can soon be yours too! All you need to do is contact Heather Langton, aka The Profit Queen, for a FREE consultation. Ready to learn more about how On Point Business Coaching can help you achieve your next greatest milestone? Let’s make you more profit.