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Q4 Peak Performance Goals Workshop – Virtual

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Event Description

Join the elite 3% of business owners who write down their goals, and you will learn how to transform your business aspirations into realistic goals, along with the steps, strategies, and accountability to accomplish them. 



We will teach you to look at your dreams, show you how to dream bigger, how to make it stick in your subconscious.




Then, we show you how you can use your dreams to help you build your business and your life. 




You will walk away with practical action steps you can use immediately to gain clarity and concrete results. Along with the education, you will get to work with an exclusive group of dedicated entrepreneurs as we create solid goals for 2023 and a detailed Q1 2023 road map on how to accomplish them and increase your profits.

  • Learn how to set measurable business goals
  • Create a strategic roadmap for success with detailed immediate action steps
  • Work with like-minded business owners in a think-tank for ultimate success
  • Weekly accountability calls all quarter from your business coach are included at no extra charge ($900 value)


What are you seeking to accomplish in business? This workshop will help you identify and set detailed and measurable goals that you can ACTUALLY achieve. You will receive a workbook in addition to Executive Training and hands-on guidance from Business Coach Heather Langton while working to write out your goals. 






Are you ready to strategically plan for success? 



Seats are limited – BUY NOW!



Heather Langton


Heather Langton
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